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Transform the bathroom experience.

With Hygizone's range of hygiene focussed bathroom products

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What is Hygizone?

Hygizone creates healthy and hygienic bathrooms by minimizing the spread of infection in these spaces.


How does it work?

Hygizone provides an innovative range of Concealed Cisterns, Odour Extraction and Touch-less Technology to ensure the highest level of health, hygiene and comfort.


Who is it for?

Hygizone is for the discerning individual that cares about the well being of their family, guests and tenants.


Why Hygizone?

As society evolves we believe so should the bathroom experience!
Hygizone offers a range of hygienic solutions to make the bathroom as hygienic and comfortable as the rest of your home!

It's really simple...

We’ve made Hygizone simple, discreet and effective.
 If you have any questions, not addressed below, just drop us a line.

Where I can I buy Hygizone products?

We have tried to simplify the process as much as possible so you can buy directly online or enquire with your local merchant.

Does Hygizone extraction work with all brands of toilet?

Hygizone extraction works with most concealed cisterns, however the Hygizone Concealed Cistern is specifically designed to incorporate Hygizone extraction.

What stage does Hygizone extraction need to be installed?

Hygizone products are best installed during a renovation or new-build.

Are Hygizone products for commercial or residential applications?

Hygizone offers a range of products for both.

Who installs Hygizone products?

Products to be installed by a certified plumber.

Find out what makes us tick...

We’re on a mission to solve an everyday problem.
 We’re innovative, passionate and creative. Follow our journey.

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